BenitaGustafssonBenita Gustafsson
ABB AB / Crane Systems

Why are you choosing EA Elautomation ?
We at ABB AB/ Crane Systems has worked with EA Elautomation for at least 15 years. EA Elautomation possesses the specific knowledge that is needed to manufacture our electrical equipment . We appreciate the close distance to us and the flexibility. EA is one of the partners we feel safe with. .

How is the cooperation working ?

Our cooperation is working very well and solve most of the situations that occures. We have regular contacts and reconciliations which keeps our project on track with the right delivery times..


HakanJohanssonHåkan Johansson
VG Power AB

Why are you choosing EA Elautomation ?

Our equipment is always customer specific and it is always easy to discuss various solutions and design ways. We experience that EA is flexible and posses great knowledge. Depending on our needs we get help in the electrical designing in our control equipment.EA can even assemble our cabinets without complete assembly drawings. Thay always have high workman ship and quality and is also taking care of packaing and dispatching for us. If needed we can reach each other on bicycle and that is also an advantage.

How is the cooperation ?

The cooperation with EA works well. We have used EA as a panelbuilder since 2004, which says some. Thay are always easy to contact and discuss design solutions. And we get fast support with components when we do service and commissioning


35887_13_14Mats-Ove Tallroth
Metso Minerals AB

We have been cooperating with EA for 15 years now. One reason is that they have high technical assembly skills which is important to us. Thay are also flexible and cooperative in all thay do, from tendering to delivery.