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EA Elautomation is your reliable partner in the construction of automation cabinets. We manufacture high quality control cabinets and customize automation for different types of facilities.

What EA Elautomation delivers

We design high-quality automation cabinets for automation projects and different types of facilities. Our solutions are designed for example for mines, harbor cranes, rolling mills, hospitals, high pressure presses and water and power plants.

Tailor-made automation solutions

At EA Elautomation, we develop customized automation solutions. This is largely possible thanks to our extensive supply chains. Instead of being tied to a particular brand, we can choose the brand based on what the project requires. In addition, we project manage the entire process, from material procurement to the finished automation cabinet. We also offer on-site installation.

Prototyping and testing

What works well in theory sometimes does not work well in practice. This is why prototyping can be useful. We have a team of practical experts who can realize theoretical solutions for testing before implementation.

EA Elautomation Control cabinet automation cabinet

EA Elautomation is your trusted partner

With our UL certification, we can ensure that our automation enclosures meet high standards of safety and performance. It is one of the most respected certifications in the industry and demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality solutions that are both reliable and safe. 

Our certification gives our customers the confidence that we have the necessary knowledge and experience to deliver products that meet the stringent requirements of the various markets in the US, Canada, UK and Europe. With EA Elautomation as a partner, you can be sure that we will always fulfill your needs with the highest quality and professionalism.

Unique certification for USA, Canada, UK and Europe

Since we have several production facilities, we have the ability to scale up and down, depending on our customers' needs. In addition, we have a UL certification that allows us to build automation cabinets for customers in the US and Canada as well as the UK and the rest of Europe.

EA Elautomation Control cabinet automation cabinet

That's why you should choose us as your partner:

Our people have the knowledge, skills and experience to deliver tailor-made solutions that meet both unique and specific needs.

Safety and performance in focus - Our offer for tailor-made automation solutions

This is a summary of our offer in the automation cabinets service:

  • Manufactures high quality automation cabinets for various facilities, including mines, hospitals and power plants
  • Tailor-made automation solutions thanks to a broad supply chain
  • Responsible for the whole process, from design and material procurement to production and installation.
  • Producing prototypes for testing
  • Holds a unique certification for the US, Canada, UK and the rest of Europe.

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