Experts in high quality LSP switchgear

At EA Elautomation, we are experts in low voltage switchgear and work exclusively with the best devices and brands on the market, including: CUBIC, Siemens, Schneider and ABB.

Low-voltage switchgear for different needs that we at EA Elautomation manufacture

We are independent of suppliers and brands. This makes us flexible. We manufacture and design customer-specific solutions that vary in both design and size within the framework of 400A -6300A in power distribution.

Scaffolding from CUBIC

As an accredited builder for CUBIC, we can offer service, distribution and process racks that are particularly suitable when there are high demands on personal safety and technical competence. CUBIC is a world-leading brand that thanks to its modular system comes with several advantages, including:

  • Safe and reliable distribution of electric power
  • Freedom to choose components from your preferred manufacturer
  • Easy to expand the system
  • Withstands harsh environments and meets IP54 requirements

Get customized LSP switchgear with active project management

Besides the possibility of customized LSP switchgear, we also offer active project management. We help with design, drawings, room layout and connections with rail bridges to transformers or other switchgear.

Installation and testing

We offer installation throughout Sweden. This means that in connection with the delivery, we assist with set-up and ensure that everything works as it should. With us, you always get high quality at all stages.

Low cost options and flexibility in materials and brands

We want to be able to meet all possible needs related to low voltage. Therefore, we offer a low-cost option for our customers. Through Finelcomp, we manufacture distribution substations that are simple, durable and often the right choice for those looking for a cost-effective alternative for a power distribution from 400A-1600A. Should you be unsure of what you need, you are right to contact us. We are happy to provide advice based on your needs and specific conditions.

Our offer

  • Manufacture of high quality LSP switchgear with CUBIC up to 6300A
  • Customization, active project management and installation throughout Sweden.
  • Cost-effective low-voltage switchgear with Finelcomp up to 1600A.

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