Cabinet makers of high quality electrical cabinets

At EA Elautomation we have been building low voltagecabinets for 45 years and we have two productionfacilities in Sweden and Lithuania for industrial cabinet making.

Professional cabinet maker with over 45 years of experience

We have been building low voltage cabinets for over 45 years. This is one of our main strengths. Time has given us valuable experience and knowledge that has made us really good at what we do. When you use us, you can be sure that you will get what you expect. Quickly and without hassle.

Flexible partner

We adapt to you and your project. Because we are independent of suppliers, we can build the cabinets with components from different manufacturers and thus develop tailor-made solutions. This also makes us flexible during the project. The availability of materials can change quickly, but being independent of suppliers allows us to develop several alternative solutions without affecting the final product.

(Should you be unsure of what you need, you can always contact us, describe your project and get advice before possibly placing an order).

EA Elautomation Cabinet making

Cabinet making: how it works

Our production facilities in Västerås, Sweden, and Panevėžys, Lithuania, allow us to handle both large serial productions and smaller, customized projects. We purchase everything needed to manufacture the cabinet and ensure that the supply chain runs smoothly so that you receive your order on time.

The project process in simple terms:

  1. Your order is registered
  2. Together with you, we will agree on who will do construction
  3. We buy the material and wait for the delivery.
  4. We manufacture the cabinet, either in Västerås or in Panevėžys.
  5. The cabinet is quality assured and delivered
EA Elautomation Cabinet making
EA Elautomation Cabinet making

Quality assurance and service

We are proud of our high quality. Through careful testing and quality assurance, we can deliver a product that we know performs as it should. And when the electrical cabinet is installed, we offer you as a customer a customized service agreement to ensure that everything works as it should after delivery.

Why choose EA Elautomation as your cabinet maker?

  • Reliable partner with over 45 years of experience in the industry
  • Flexible supply chain
  • Manufacturing in Västerås and Lithuania for both larger series production and smaller, customized projects.
  • High quality standards and quality assurance of all electrical cabinets
  • Service contracts to ensure that everything works properly after delivery.

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